The Importance Of A Healthy Diet

 Adopt a healthier, happier life through better nutrition………

With a constant stream of  nutritional and health conflicting information, sometimes it can be hard to know what foods really do form a healthy diet. EatWell can examine your diet and food habits with a proven track record in enhancing health and protection from diseases.  Eatwell can identify the positive health benefits that you individually require.

 No single food can maintain and promote good health. This comes from the overall benefit of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Some foods have been classed as ‘superfoods’ because they are especially rich in health promoting nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals( bioactive plant compounds) and therefore pack more of a nutritional punch than others. My definition of a health food is one that has a higher than average content of the important, and sometimes hard to get, vitamins and minerals, or an equally good range of the plant chemicals and other recently discovered nutrient- like compounds that studies have shown to have major health impacts. These often can be foods that rate high on the ORAC( Oxygen Radical Absorbance  Capacity) scale- a scale measuring the antioxidant ability of plant foods to neutralize free radicals and help prevent diseases. Health foods should also be low in or void of processed sugar, and trans fats and excessive salt which are frequently linked with a higher risk of ill health and disease. No one food can make you healthy on its own. Aim instead for a varied and balanced diet.

 The key to my EatWell philosophy is  gut health and good digestion- its not just what you eat, its what you digest that counts. Without a healthy gut lining, your body will not be able to efficiently digest and absorb vital minerals and nutrients from healthy foods. So even if your eating nourishing health foods, you may not be getting all their benefits…