A good dressing or dip adds flair swirled through  soups, salads and stews. I make creamy dips using nuts, seeds,beans, lentils and vegetables, roasted vegetables, such as squash and beetroot. This is a great way of using leftovers. Season your chosen ingredients with spices and herbs and add a alkaline zing with a splash of lime or lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or pomegranate molasses. I also like to use unrefined, unsaturated plant oils.  Here is a few of my favourites  oils: extra virgin olive oil, sesame, macadamia and flaxseed.

Here you will find recipes I use time and again they are easy to make, keep for days in the fridge and instantly pull a meal together. Store a selection of dressings and dips in the fridge. You’ll be much more likely to throw together a homemade meal at the end of a busy day if you know you’ve got a helping hand of nutritious flavour ready to go in the fridge. All my recipes are a starting point for you to experiment with and elaborate on so get creative and make up your own signature dressing or dip.