SALADS: Think about creating a salad like you would any other nourishing meal. You need a good variety and balance of seasonal vegetables, good sources of healthy fats, plus some quality protein or starch to satisfy. In keeping with simple food combining create a starch or protein based salad in order to avoid mixing these food groups for better digestion and to ensure lots of space on your plate is given to green nutritious vegetables. A great compliment to a fresh vibrant salad is a zingy dressing. Along with a healthy oil based dressing, sprinkle crunchy nuts, seeds and add quality fats to help absorb fat soluble vitamins found in meat and vegetables. Try topping your salad with a probiotic burst like Kimchi or Sauerkraut this will aid digestion further. Add fresh or dried fruits to a salad for a sweet and sour contrast. Try enzyme rich pineapple, watermelon or papaya. Prioritise organic vegetables and fruits when shopping which are free from chemical sprays. They are typically grown in mud so do ensure a thorough washing.( If a bug is living on your watercress it’s a good sign that its free from toxic pesticide). Try a tasty ‘superfoods’ salad with watermelon and tahini dressing, Lentil, beetroot and pear salad or kale, grass-fed chicken and pomegranate salad.

  TOP TIP: Any salad I don’t finish I turn into fritters by adding some chia seeds or arrowroot(to soak up the liquid) and egg or two, forming into patties and frying or throw into a soup.