These bars are a fantastic on-the go snack full of nutrients. Portable healthy snacks are hard to find so why don’t you make these healthy nutritious snacks to keep you fuelled up on a busy day. These are great pre and post training  bars for athletes  and active lifestyles. The main ingredient in these bars is quinoa flakes( 200g) which are a packed in minerals and proteins as an alternative grain they are a good low GI source of energy too. These bars also have ground almonds(50g), two ripe bananas, gogi berries and cranberries( 50g in total), small amount real quality butter( 30g), tsp maple syrup and tpsp chia seeds.   Mash bananas first then mix all these ingredients together but not the berries add these last. Then bake for 40-50 mins approx. 180 degrees middle shelf.  ( Line a baking dish 22cm approx or use small amount butter to line.)

These bars are very versatile so do add in your favour ingredients or try out new ingredients such as replacing the ground almonds with coconut flour or try swapping the cranberries for acai berries for a  less sweet taste..

Exact recipe coming soon