Readily available, low cost processed  desserts, sweets and snacks have crept into our daily life. These nutritionally poor, unbalanced foods often packed with refined sugars, chemical sweeteners and hydrogenated fats have a negative impact on our diet and health.

The EatWell philosophy embraces the pleasure of eating so I absolutely do not deprive myself of desserts and plus I love baking!

My desserts and baking recipes are all gluten, grain, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats, refined vegetable oils and artificial flavouring free

 My recipes use wholefoods and small quantities of natural sugars eg: pure maple syrup, raw honey and molasses. Unlike chemical sweeteners ,glucose syrups and refined sugar, my sweet ingredients are less processed and closer to their whole food state. This helps to keep them mineral-rich and ensures more nutrients in every mouthful, which is, after all, the first purpose of food.